Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fun with perch

February had Natalie and I heading up to Cascade Lake for some ice fishing.  We ended up really having to hike out there a ways because of the low water.  We finally found a spot that had some decent depth and we started drilling holes and putting out tip ups in a cross pattern.  The last couple holes were for jigging while we waited to see what would happen with the tip ups.  It wasn't long before they started tripping, but unfortunately most times there was nothing on the hook or they were dink perch.  We started catching them jigging too...but with running to the tip ups non-stop it was a losing battle, so I finally pulled all the tip up lines and we just set up jig poles along with our depth finder.

Natalie was having a great time pulling perch up, it wasn't long before she really had the hang of it.  It looks like she really had a nice one on here but I think she ended up losing it on the side of the hole as she was pulling it up.

She was a real trooper when it was time to pull off the ice for the day, she even wanted to give it a try pulling the sled back to shore...somehow I don't think that she ended up feeling like it was as easy as I made it look.  She was more then happy to give me back the reigns after about 75 yards.

It was a great day out on the ice, beautiful weather, and a bonding that only a couple of fishermen...and fisher-gals can find together.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Out for some yotes

Even though I wish I did it more I usually don't find the time between other things to go out coyote hunting.  I won't get into it too in depth but I had picked a spot out to go...somewhere where I had actually seen some coyotes while out bird hunting.  When I pulled over to where the draw crossed the road a pickup came by and parked just up the road from me and the guy jumped out, grabbed his gun and took off down the draw.  Needless to say I was fairly pissed, but I blew it off and moved on to plan b which was a few miles down the road.  I walked back over a ridge and set up and started doing some calling, but I never was able to call any yotes in.

It seemed like a pretty good spot, but being a novice coyote hunter...who knows.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Last hunt of the season

Chukar season this year seemed to show very low numbers of birds out in the hills, at least for me anyways.  It was cold but I thought I would try and get out one more time with the pooch to see if we could kick up some birds.  First things first though was getting her all geared up with her boots.  I'm not sure I know how lucky I am sometimes to have such a submissive dog.

We put on quite a few miles, but we never did come across any birds.  I did come across this fresh deer bed though.  I must have kicked him out of his bed...I never did see him.

Pretty cool picture I was able to capture of a hawk perched.  He didn't pay us too much attention, and we kept our distance.